The Oval Room Group is the best solution for large and complex places because it is easy to scan and automates the otherwise time-consuming process of capturing and connecting individual 360˚ panoramas.

The content will be visible on Google Maps, Google Earth and the Google Street View app. Each application will show your 360º images (also called connected panoramas or a tour) in different ways.

of consumer business searches use mapping products
of these place searches result in an on-site visit on average
times more likely to generate interest with a virtual tour
of prospective customers begin their searches online

How Does It Work?

Thanks to a recent API released from Google, online viewers using Google Maps or Google Search are able to explore 3D spaces as easily as if they were walking down the street. The showcase is uploaded to the Google Street View platform, input the correct address, and our automatic stitching process will take care of the rest. Publishing the virtual tours to Google will drive additional traffic to the venues’ websites. Once there, online shoppers will also be able to experience our cutting-edge add-ons, including proprietary Dollhouse views and Guided Tours. Any space featured on Google Street View will have the same interface and navigation as any other Google Street View place, and will not share the same functionality as those experiences through our 3D Showcase player.